Spray Tan

The California Tan Open Air Sunless Tanning System offers the following features:

  • Superior atomized spray pattern from 4 nozzles for total, even, streak-free coverage
  • Voice commands to assist you in your sunless tanning experience
  • Automated drying feature that creates a seamless tanning and finishing session
  • Choice of three tanning levels are available
  • Computer controlled pressure and volume to ensure the perfect amount of solution every time
  • Full-body spray tan and auto dry in under one minute

What is Sunless Tanning?

Sunless Tanning is a popular way to enjoy the look of a tan without the need to go in the sun or a tanning bed. There are many ways to get a sunless tan. A new form of sunless tanning that has exploded over the past few years with the introduction of Automated Stand-Up Units, Airbrush Equipment and advanced Handheld Spray Equipment is the California Tan AutoBronzer Open Air Spray Tanning System. The California Tan AutoBronzer allows you to get an immediate sunless tanning treatment in just minutes by entering an open air stand-up unit in a private room.

Many years ago, the first self-tanners introduced to the market contained dyes that left the skin orange and streaked. Today, thanks to modern technology, the California Tan Sunless Spray Tanning System is the perfect solution for creating an instant, realistic tan without unsightly orange streaking.

At Sun Safari, we carry the complete line of sunless tanning products and professional equipment California Tan Sunless offers. These sunless tan products offer you all the great advantages of a quick and beautiful sunless tan, plus help you care for your skin with products that are alcohol-free and contain premium skincare ingredients.